How it all began...

Helping users understand their data and its potential better, simpler and more effectively

Data is the new oil and AI is already the next big thing, and there's no doubt that there's an eruption of data globally at present. Companies have been pooling their data for years, but many still don't know how to harness its power.

We've always been obsessed about how we could make people understand data better. Since its launch in 2017, Zepto has helped its users understand their business data better and its full potential.

Most BI and Analytical tools take the user on quite a complicated path. Too many features that are not relevant, settings, controls and distracts. None of them end up connecting well with the user nor helps them get the full potential of their data.

We wanted to change this, we wanted to focus on what matters.

Beautiful Simple and Smart

At Zepto, we believe in keeping things simple and clean. It's quite a challenge to build a simple tool compared to a complicated one.

We understood how an ordinary user could use and benefit from an analytical tool and merged it with design elements and thought process of a user. Oh, this is the fun part, knowing the power of data, we integrated Zepto with AI so that our users could harness better out of their data.

As a result, we ended up building a simple yet powerful tool that could help our users get more out of their data with less complexity. Still not getting the complete picture? Check out the below stats, facts could be debatable but stats cannot;

Number of Users
Number of Datasets
Number of Insights